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and the Mystery of the Great Jewel

Directed By Mette Tange and Benjamin Quebeck

CG Feature film

Richard, the daring sparrow who was adopted by a stork family, is enjoying wintering at the Great Lake in Northern Africa when he realizes he won’t be the one to lead the flock back north. Therefore, he runs away to travel on his own. On his journey he meets Samia and her sparrow flock, who are being held captive by evil marabous under the control of the greedy peacock Zamano.

The only chance of freedom for the sparrows is to solve a riddle and find the Great Jewel, which will call upon teamwork, trust and most of all skills learnt from storks, also known as “spork” (sparrow + stork) skills!


Directed by Magnus Møller, Peter Smith and Mette Tange

CG Shortfilm

Picture God as a stressed software developer working from home, trying to create the world on inadequate hardware while baby Jesus screams in the background.


Directed By Mette Tange

2D shortfilm

Pig me is the story about a pig that escapes from a slaughter house. He finds his way to a pet shop and discovers the nice and warmth atmosphere between the costumers and the animals getting bought. He also wants to get bought, but he realizes that nobody wants to buy a pig. The only solution he can find to that problem is to dress up as the other animals in the pet shop.

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